Thursday, January 22, 2015

Chippy Rusty Antique Day Bed

I usually post my own projects in my blog, but this last week I found this fabulous iron child's bed.  Both of the sides fold in and then the ends fold in to make the whole thing lie flat for easy storage.
I love all the rustic patina.  This would be great as a day bed, a garden ornament or a planter.  It's full of vintage goodness.
Lot's of intricate curves and chipping peeling paint.  It's chippingly charming as a matter of fact.  
The Little French Flea Market warehouse is open this weekend.  It's loaded with new stock.  If you're in the area, come by and see us.  Also the Little French Flea Market (the actual flea market) is on next weekend.  We have moved locations and I will be posting the address next week.
Your visits are always appreciated.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Step Stool by the Yard

I've seen lots of yard stick projects on Pinterest, and I always think they are so cute.  So when my daughter sent me a picture of one that she liked, I decided we needed to make one for my grandson for Christmas.  I found a small step stool at the warehouse where I sell.  It was just a plain green color, but it was the perfect size.
Being the collector that I am, of course I had a pile of old yard sticks that I had been saving for just such an occasion.  Our grandson is 18 months old and he likes to be taller so he can see what's going on in the kitchen.
I painted this little cutie red and picked out my brightest vintage rulers.  Then my husband did all the brain work, measuring and cutting.
This was the perfect size for Carter.  He used it to get up to the Christmas ornaments on the tree so he could see them up close and personal (made it easier for him to undress the tree) and he also could carry it all over whenever he wanted to get something that he couldn't reach.
Here's the proof.  He got into Nana's See's truffles.  I don't share these with anyone, but Carter is kinda special.
He really thought he had hit the mother load that day.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Grandfather Clock

I found this sweet old clock at a flea market right at the first of the year.  It's so petite that I can carry it under one arm.  It's definitely old too.  Someone's social security number was etched in the back with a date that read circa 1920.  The clock was wood, but not a pretty kind of wood, probably from years of grime and wear.  
My husband came to the rescue with a couple coats of white paint.  I sanded her back a tiny bit to give her some character.  She still has a beautiful face.  Someone had replaced her mechanism with a battery operated one and it kept perfect time for the two weeks I had her.
After being photographed, she was whisked off to the Little French Flea Market warehouse where I sell some of my things and she was snatched up in a heartbeat.
It was easy to experience love at first sight with this beauty.  She was a rare find, and I'm glad someone else saw her beauty and uniqueness as quickly as I did.
She had simple, yet elegant detailing.  Here is a final glance at her before I said goodbye to her.
Thanks for your visit.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lingerie Chest with Toile Motif

I found this little lingerie chest at the flea market.  It's not old at all. I liked the size, but the drawers were wood grained and the rest was black.  I found this new toile image I wanted to try out and this seemed like the perfect piece to try it on.  I learned a lesson on this piece.  The finish was extremely slick and although I sanded it down and give it a coat of chalk paint, the finish was still too slippery and when I went to do my reverse mod podge transfer that I usually do, the image pretty much slid off.  This was a first for me.  So I simply decopaged the image on in the normal way.  I like doing the reverse mod podge better because I get more of a hand painted feel.
I found several rolls of wallpaper border at a garage sale that had this wonderful French style relief on it.  The size was perfect for these petite dresser drawers.  I followed the directions on the package by wetting the wallpaper border and applying them to the fronts of the drawers but I found the paper lifting.  I'm convinced the original finish on the drawer fronts was too slippery as well.  Tacky glue came to my rescue and the paper is very secure now. 
I painted over the paper which is what the directions called for as well and it blends beautifully with the rest of the piece.
I did a little sanding to distress the piece when it was done.  The original color was black and in case any of my paint chips off it will just blend with the already distressed finish.  The hardware also got painted to tie in with the look.
Here is the piece as I found it.  I took the first drawer out and started painting and then remembered I needed to take a before photo.
Thanks for visiting.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Guest Retreat

Last year was a crazy year which left little room in my schedule for blogging.  Our youngest daughter bought a place of her own which meant decorating and shopping to get her settled.  I'll be doing a blog post on her cute little townhouse very soon.  Her moving out meant that the room she inhabited for a very long long time needed a desperate redo.  This also took up a big part of the end of my year, but finally I am ready to share the results.
Her room was a generic white which she liked, but I was ready for some subtle color.  I chose a greige color from Dunn Edwards for the walls.  The bedding was stock bedding from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Everything needed to be washable and pretty well indestructible as we know our grandson will be using this room when he visits.  However, I didn't want to do a child's room because he is only here around three times a year.
The closet doors are floor to ceiling and 12 feet across.  We replaced the cracked mirrored doors with paneled doors to blend with the rest of the house.
I found these two Home Goods style side tables at the flea market.  They don't match, but I like it better that way.  The pair came to $60.  I couldn't pass them up.
They were perfect for the room.  The lamps came from Home Goods.  Nothing fancy about them, but I like that they are plain and tailored.
This pillow was a find at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It's perfect for this guest retreat.  In looking at this photo, I just noticed the pillow shams behind my dreamer pillow are different.  I find that rather odd, but I like it just the same.
A traditional magazine rack holds clean towels and wash cloths and a few of my favorite books for perusing.
I found this Hotel de Paris sign at the flea market, and these great photographs of old Paris hotels look like they are matted,but they are not.  They hang between two pieces of clear glass and the wall behind shows through.
This sweet little chair came from a yard sale.  I've had it for years and finally had it recovered with plain drop cloth fabric.  The script pillow is the finishing touch.
This is our daughter's Ikea bed that she left behind.  It was pine and I wanted to add more pizazz to the room with the black accents.  My husband wasn't crazy about having painted furniture in the house but now I think he likes how clean and fresh the room is.
I am kind of making this room a reminder of last year's fabulous trip to France that I took with my girlfriend.  She knew I was doing this room in black and white so she made me this wreath for Christmas as a reminder of our incredible vacation.  Isn't it darling?  I'm going to hang an antique French mirror above the chair and have this swagging the front of it.  

Thanks for taking the tour of our new guest retreat.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Paris Chalkboard

This is a crazy busy time of year at work and I can't believe I didn't photograph this whole door but somehow I did not so I will just share snippets with you.

I would love to tell you this was an old door I salvaged from a fabulous flea market or salvage yard but this door is circa 1994.  The best I can do is call it "vintage Ikea."
After the Northridge earthquake when we repaired our house and did a little updating, my girls wanted Ikea furniture.  That was many moons ago and our youngest finally purchased her own place this year.  Did she take Ikea with her?  Heck no.  Coming up soon you will see another post about other things we did with her "vintage Ikea" furniture.
We demolished the TV cabinet which was ready to fall down on its own and my husband was able to save this door for me.  There were actually two, but he insisted the other one was too badly damaged to use for anything.  I wish he would have let me be the judge of that.
The pine door got painted a generic creamy white.  I added my raised plaster stencil technique which you can see here.  I also added some joint compound here and there on the door to give it a roughed up look and also to get my washy paint to give the door an aged look.
The door got a heavy sanding and a healthy wash of dark brown paint, probably raw umber or burnt umber.  Whichever one is darkest brown.  Just a wash was all it took to get in the crevices.
Next I added a little stenciling and a chalkboard finish to the top panel.  I love the way it came out.  I did manage to find another tall pantry door at the salvage yard this week and I plan to do the same treatment on it.
Here is the door with just the white paint and the raised plaster stencil before I did all the aging of it.

Thanks for visiting.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Paris Apartment Dresser

This is one of my favorite finishes to put on furniture and it's so easy.  Whenever I do a piece like this, it sells very fast so I usually have one as a back up waiting to bring in.  This dresser had kind of a retro vibe so it was perfect for this finish.

To achieve this look, I use Annie Sloan's Old Ocher.  It's a dirty grayish white and it complements the gray paint I use on the trim.

Once the piece is painted, I go over the borders of the drawers and the edges around the top and whatever detail a piece has with a very dark gray.  Then I go over the gray with an antique brass paint.  Modern Master's is my favorite.  It has an old goldish tone to it.

Then I give the piece a heavy duty sanding to expose the layers of the paint.  I almost always leave my hardware in the original gold tone finish, especially if it is aged and has great patina.

I apply this old world cherub image and add some French words from my collection of stencils.  If you don't have stencils, print the words on your computer and trace them onto your piece.  The image can be decoupaged or reverse mod podged, whatever your preference.

It's okay if your lettering is not perfect.  Give it a good sanding and enjoy the vintage Paris Apartment feel that this finish exudes.

Thanks for visiting.

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